Thursday, 25 October 2012

This week was one of my most productive weeks, I'd already pinned in the jacket lining so the next step was to sew it in, I knew this wasn't going to be the easiest of jobs - linings are horrible. Firstly I sewed the front seams and along the top of the jacket, the collar. Next was the fiddley bit, sewing the sleeve lining into the sleeves, once it's figured out its fine but you need to sew it inside out but making sure you can pull it through after. After severally attempts at pinning I got it right and the sleeves were lined. The final stage was sewing along the bottom part by machine part by hand.

And here is the finished thing. I decided against a fastening down he front and left it open. I'm so happy with it, and it only took four weeks. I may hand stitch on some gold detailing but I'm undecided.

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