Thursday, 4 October 2012

This week I progressed On the jacket making front, I had to reach around another jacket block as the one I traced last week would have been too short. I hen adjusted the positioning on the darts on the front and back of the jacket.

The next stage was to add 1cm of seam allowance around the pattern, after this it was finally ready to trace onto calico, each piece had to be cut twice

I then sewed together each side of the front of the jacket, and then all the. Back panels before pressing. Once this was done I sewed together the shoulders and the side seams.

Finally I sewed the sleeved, now for the tricky part which I going to do before next week, setting the sleeves, wish me luck.

Sorry this hasn't been the most exciting post, I'm off to tonnes next week where there's supposed to be an amazing fabric shop so hopefully ill fall in love with something. There's also nice tea rooms for lunch and a vintage shop, so I'm rather looking forward to that.

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