Saturday, 16 July 2011

Despite it supposedly being the middle of summer, today has been tipping it down from rain, i got home this morning and snuggled up in a rug with a mug of coffee on the sofa. Anyway i thought id post these little things, they're spinach and ricotta rolls, basically every time i go to Harrods i always buys some of these, so i thought I'd have a go at making my own, turns out they're just as good and we're all gone before tea. Hope its not as rainy for you all.


  1. YUMMMMMY!!!!
    they look delicious!
    lucky you! im a horrible cook

  2. I love your style, this is so pretty!
    Follow each other?

  3. haha, you talk about going to Harrods as if you're going to a grocery store. I wish I could say that! London was so beautiful! x

  4. They are burekas, I always buy them in Israel! You mainly eat it on Shabat..
    Your blog is cute! I am following you now (first on bloglovin) :)