Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Carboot sales, Theyre something i have fond memorys of as a child, being allowed one thing and coming home with bundles of polly pockets or my little ponys. Some carboot sales these days are going down hill, allowing more market-style stalls and by that i mean ones selling knock off dish cloths and dusters ect. Anyway i've found this little carboot near me which is relatively new and only has about 20-30 cars each time but i found some wonderful finds: 3 silk shirts, a grey long sleeved top which has no lables but is made out of such a soft material, a cream jumper made of 100% lambswool and finally these bags, perfect for when i dont want to lug around my huge bag. Aand it gets better, all of that for £8.50, i will post pictures of the shirts at a later date.